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Business Intelligence (BI)

Unless you have optimal data quality you will not get any returns from your Business Intelligence!

This result is supported by research, expert statements and experience with achieving the best result from BI activities.

The reason this is true is that analysis is almost always extremely dependent on accurate and uniform master data. This includes:

  • Customer and behavior analyses
  • Calculation of lifetime values
  • Measurement of cross-sales
  • Churn and win-back analyses
  • Forecasting

By using Omikron’s solutions to improve your data quality, you will get the right tools for your Master Data Management, and thereby correct, uniform, consolidated and duplicate-free master data.

This optimizes the value of your Data Warehouse, and provides the correct foundation to achieve returns from your Business Intelligence. The right decisions can be made only on the basis of error-free and trustworthy information.

Our duplicate check and Postal Address Correction can help you clean up your database, providing a data foundation for BI that is correct, updated, and free of duplicates.

Do you have multilingual data? Read now about the international matching technology.

Success Factor Data Quality

Your advantages

  • Correct strategic decisions based on key analyses with optimal data quality
  • Fast and simple integration of data quality in your business processes
  • Optimal prerequisites for integration (SOA)
  • Investment costs are soon amortised