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Correct Addresses

The basis of successful address management

The reasons for address errors can differ widely. Typical sources of error can be the information provided on a website application form, or on the telephone to a call centre, or written on an order form. Address details such as the street name, town/city, or postal code can be incorrectly typed on the computer, or misspelt or written illegibly on an order form.

Company mergers or address purchases are also often the cause of poor address data quality – at least when the data is not subjected to appropriate checks, consolidation and correction.

    The implications of bad quality address data:
  • Checks for duplicates provide only poor results (high surplus of unclear duplicates)
  • Installed processes fail, such as business intelligence (BI)
  • Address assignment cannot be performed correctly, e.g. when comparing data from a company subsidiary
  • Supplementary information is only partially assigned correctly, e.g. sociological data
  • Delivery time for mailing campaigns or goods is delayed
  • Unwanted goods are returned
  • etc.

The Omikron software has enabled us to sustainably clean up inaccurate data sets and duplicates in some 100,000 addresses in the CRM system, and it has significantly reduced case processing time by our service personnel. The result is high cost savings and increased customer satisfaction.

Holger Schmidt, Gräfe und Unzer Verlag GmbH

How Omikron helps

With Omikron’s data cleansing service, processing software, and the Omikron Data Quality Server, you will raise the quality of your address data to CRM level. With the support of our data quality server you can raise all company data to Omikron’s quality standard, and maintain the quality level permanently.

Read now how to correct and unify your product data to avoid duplicates.

Success Factor Data Quality

Your advantages

  • First-class address data for effectively functioning business intelligence (BI)
  • Higher quality duplicate matching
  • Less irritation during customer contact
  • Reliable delivery addresses for mailing campaigns and goods purchased


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