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Product Data Cleansing

Should it be called a “galvanized wood screw” or “Wood screw, galvanized”?

In product databases it often happens that the same part or product exists several times in the system. This can be very expensive:

  • when ordering,
  • during inventory,
  • when creating a parts list,
  • through lost purchasing advantages.

Parts lists are often combined in the course of corporate mergers, to reduce management costs and to take advantage of volume purchasing. This can backfire if the data is poorly consolidated: two good procurement operations can be combined to form one bad solution. Part of the problem lies in variant forms or data formats, which may be maintained differently in the original systems:

Description Code Quantity
Galvanized wood screw 35 mm 367920 0
35mm, Galv. screw, wood HD01279 34600
3.5 cm Screw, wood, galvanized 3Q178 16321
35 mm Galvanized wood screw, rust-proof SK-Z-091 394

Omikron can help!

Omikron can correct and unify your product data to avoid duplicates in your product database. This is useful both when cleaning up a single database, or when consolidating several databases. We have many years of experience with improving the data quality for many different companies, and our solutions are perfectly suitable for international data.

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