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Omikron Data Quality Server

Duplicates Check

Duplicates are unwanted, multiple entries for the same contact or company in a databank. The challenge of finding and eliminating duplicate addresses, whilst simultaneously filtering and transferring important information into one unified dataset - is formidable.

But it is possible ...

With the special duplicates examination provided by Omikron’s Data Quality Server, you will achieve a databank which is duplicate-free - permanently. Make your staff aware of potential duplicates with a dialogue check immediately whilst entering new contact data, or check existing data stocks for duplicates when transferring new data into your system.

You can also organize the search and cleansing of existing stock to be done regularly overnight.

Full control

For every process you decide about what happens to unwanted duplicate data – erase it, combine it, or enter it on a check list...

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Success Factor Data Quality


  • Avoid duplicates immediately during input (e.g. in the CRM system).
  • Compare incoming lists.
  • Check your stocks for uniformity.
  • Decide yourself what happens in the case of matching.