A positive development

Omikron was founded in 1981 by Carsten Kraus even before he completed his final educational examinations. Together with a friend he developed computer programmes, for computers such as the first Commodore™ home computer, the PET 2001 (Personal Electronic Transactor) and later for Atari Computers. In 1988 Atari™ licenced the Omikron Basic programme and language for their products, equipping every new Atari computer with it in eight countries.

DBRS® was brought to life in 1993 in time for the computer age, and was the first data quality software developed for finding and eliminating duplicates under DOS. The core FACT® algorithm, based upon a newly developed mathematical-linguistic matching process, is still today clearly superior to the familiar fuzzy or phonetic processes.

Omikron today

Omikron is one of the foremost German companies in the field of data quality and the European market leader for search and navigation in online shops today. Worldwide, the intelligent FACT-Finder® search solution is used with great success in 24 spoken languages, 26 countries and more than 1,500 online shops.

The field of data quality is being continuously expanded. As a result of its constant and strong growth, Omikron is now present and active throughout Europe (in Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Turkey and Poland).

Renowned companies worldwide use Omikron products. Take a look at our references.

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