Within the scope of data quality projects, the following customers installed Worldmatch:

  • Kaiser + Kraft
  • Siemens
  • Unique | Airport Zurich
  • Viessmann
  • Team Celsius SARL
  • etc.


Worldmatch® - International Matching

Worldmatch® enables you to make simultaneous, error-tolerant comparisons of ideographic and script characters of different languages. For example, you can make duplicate comparisons of Latin lettering with Arabic characters or Japanese (e.g. Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana) scripts.

Here is an example:

Chinese Names
张爱国 ZHANG Aiguo
张爱民 ZHANG Aimin
张爱党 ZHANG Aidang

Zhang = Family Name, Ai = Generational name In Chinese, the personal given name is represented by just the last syllable

Independent of language

Particularly in the field of international business, matching processes independent of language have a clear advantage when compared to customary solutions. In most cases the ability to process Unicode is insufficient, because different languages require different similarity evaluation. The most suitable processes for comparing international master data are the associative processes that can create a direct similarity relationship between various characters and scripts, without having to refer to European character codes (transliteration).


The patented Worldmatch® comparison technology is included in Omikron’s AddressCenter desktop solution, and provided as a function of the Omikron Data Quality Server. However, individual solutions are also possible: you can request Worldmatch® as an independent feature for your international success.

Now, you must decide:

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