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Data Quality Server

Omikron's Data Quality Server makes it possible for you to ensure the data quality of every critical element in your corporate-wide infrastructure and also to optimize existing processes (such as for CRM or data warehouse systems). You determine the rules and the processes that will check, clean, or redirect your data, either in real-time, as a batch job, or on demand, just as you require.

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FACT-Finder is the complete solution for ecommerce on-site search and navigation, and behaves like a trained salesperson. The search system knows the product data and customer preferences, and leads your customers directly to the articles that they are looking for. A variety of different technologies are combined intelligently to achieve this goal.

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FACT-Finder Travel

FACT-Finder Travel® is the first semantic search technology for online travel portals that understands freely worded search queries. Gone are the days when your customers had to first choose between awkward individual criteria and then enter more data. With FACT-Finder Travel, you search in exactly the same way as you are used to doing elsewhere in internet.

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